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From us you can order octenol (1-Octen-3-ol, 99,8%) to be used with carbon dioxide in mosquito traps. The most common octenol cartridges are sold in packs of three cartridges, which has in total 6 ml of octenol, (1660 mg * 3 units * 0.83g/cm3 = 6 ml). We sell octenol in 20 ml drop bottles, which will refill ten octenol cartridges in total. We also include a 2 ml syringe to the package to ensure that the refilling of used cartridges is easy and effortless.    WE DELIVER TO EU, Norway, Canada and Australia.  Refilling instructions
Octenol is also available in ready-made cartridges. Our cartridge has 2.5 ml octenol (25% stronger than the original ones). Cartridge will last for 28 days.
Refill bottle 20 ml Eur 33,90  
Refill bottle + cartridge Eur 38,30  
Cartridge 2.5 ml, 6 units Eur 31,30  

Suitable for all common mosquito traps, such as Mosquito Magnet.

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